A NEW NOVEL entitled


Release date 23rd June 2023

My grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants. My father was born in Buenos Aires.  My mother studied art and design in 1930s Paris.

I emerged into London’s rabble of refugees in 1946, and we soon left the UK for the glamour of Los Angeles then New York. In 1950 we returned to post-war Blighty where the only nod to colour were the frequent pea soup fogs.  

Educated at the Lycée Français, I learned to flirt fluently in four languages.  By the age of 9, I’d danced flamenco under Spanish stars, picked grapes in the vineyards of Tuscany, eaten Bouillabaisse in the back streets of Marseilles and developed a passion for the art of tauromachia.

At 18, I travelled through Andalucía as interpreter on the biography of the world’s most famous bullfighter, El Cordobés.  The book was entitled … or I’ll Dress You in Mourning and became an international best seller.  It may have been his story, but it was also mine . . . 

At 21, newly-returned to London, I married, had a darling daughter, divorced, married again, had another darling daughter, started my antiques business, and moved home 14 times in 19 years.

At 42, freshly-divorced again with two teens in tow, I flung myself into the swirling waters of the singles social scene.  Younger men became my choice du soir and the attraction, it seems, was reciprocated.

In 2003, I co-authored my first book: Move Over, Mrs. Robinson – The Vibrant Guide to Dating, Mating and Relating for Women of a Certain Age. The chapter which received the most media attention was called An Unsuitable Boy.  This encouraged me to continue the back-bending research that led to my first boudoir memoir: The Toyboy Diaries followed by TBD 2 – The Daily Male released in the UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Russia and Spain.

My roman à clef, Blood on the Sand, followed, inspired by my time as the girlfriend of a matador.

In 2018, the musical production of The Toyboy Diaries hit The Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester for a 6-week run.

The achievements of which I am most proud, however, are my two children and my five wonderful, beautiful grandchildren.