Who could not have loved to hang out with you, Wendy!  Charley – Malawi

Wendy, I must give it to you! It’s your time, enjoy life to the fullest. Others want to do it but don’t have the guts.   Andrew – Nigeria

Silly old lady – get a life and grow up!  Keith – Gosport

The Toyboy Diaries is a fast-paced, leave nothing to the imagination memoir of a woman of “a certain age”. This book makes you think about today’s society – we accept older men dating younger women, yet older woman dating younger men suffer far greater scrutiny. Can’t wait for the next instalment … !   Margaret – Melbourne

Starting and ending with holiday “romances”, Wendy takes us on a witty and highly entertaining romp through twenty years of her liaisons. Not limiting her sources of toyboys to bars, lectures and social occasions, Wendy also shares with us her experiences with ads in the personals, internet dating and some highly erotic emails and text messages.

She tells it like it is, has an easy, unpretentious style, can be self-deprecating at times and has a brilliantly clever turn of phrase. She is brave enough to candidly recount her disappointments and errors of judgment as well as many very satisfying encounters, and the dominatrix scenario is simply hilarious!

Wendy makes some perceptive observations about people and relationships and doesn’t hesitate to bare her soul, all the while still keeping us laughing out loud. Wendy has done what most “women of a certain age” only fantasise about, and has come through it relatively unscathed. … A funny, witty, entertaining and highly readable book.  Marianne – Thirroul, NSW

I met this lady in a sauna in Thailand once! She is wonderful, a breath of fresh air and as honest as they come! No airbrushing needed.   Jill – Edinburgh

Wendy seems a rather tragic figure. Her preoccupation with youth is age-denial. Like all people who base their sexual liaisons on the superficial attraction of youth, she will always be able to find men if it’s just loose liaisons she is looking for. Men are happy to ‘use’ an older woman, but in a world where people confuse being ‘used’ with being ‘wanted’.    Herbert – Scunthorpe. 

With her “tell it like it is”style,Wendy Salisbury had me laughing out loud as she led me through her wicked sexploits. An easy to read, in fact, hard to put down, novel,”The Toyboy Diaries” is blunt, raw and definitely not for the faint hearted.If you think all older women sit around knitting and doing crossword puzzles, then think again. Don’t give it to Grandma,but make sure all your girlfriends read it!  Roberta – Brisbane